Guiding Spirit,
You command us to seek the welfare of all people, wherever we find ourselves.
You remind us that the community’s welfare is our welfare,
       when members thrive, all thrive and
       when members suffer, all suffer.

Living faithfully during a global pandemic
has tested our ability and willingness to live this commandment
in our personal choices and in our communal decisions,
       few have thrived while many have suffered;
       we have failed to seek the welfare of all. 

We come to you seeking the wisdom needed to do better as a country.

Guide us in our political actions to create communities where the human rights, well-being, and dignity of all people are upheld.

Help us during this federal election to:
       seek humility and integrity in our conversations with others; and
       engage candidates in debates that challenge injustices while inspiring change.

In our personal vote, and in our communal decisions, may we continually seek the welfare of all.