God of the universe,
we praise your great long work of creation:
   the moment of glory when our universe began
   the birth and burning of the first brilliant stars,
   the stars’ explosion in blazing supernovas;
   the formation of our sun from scattered bits of dust;
   the emergence of Earth, the wonder of water,
   and there in the waters the miracle of life.

We praise your great long work of creation:
   the unfolding of plant and animal life,
   the development of human body and brain
   and all the marvels of human creativity;
   our rapidly expanding knowledge and technology;
   our coming to understand where we have come from
   and all that we are intimately part of.
We praise your great long work of creation.

God of the universe,
we thank you for your billions of years of making in bringing this to be.

May we live in the awareness of your magnificent and ongoing creation.
May we live in ways that honour your work.
May we be agents of your continuing creation.
Blessed be.

—A prayer by Brian Day for Earth Day 2020. Brian is a member of Creation Crisis Response at Salt Spring Island United Church, Salt Spring Island, BC

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