Our Haitian neighbours have seen so many tragedies in recent times,
and now another—the earthquake that shook the country on August 14.
We pray that you will give
the medical teams and those who search for the missing
the courage and strength they need.

Strengthen our solidarity
with this country that has been battered for so long.
You, manifest in Jesus,
came to listen and heal the broken and the brokenhearted,
and those who are experiencing so many challenges;
and to comfort those who are suffering right now.

We pray especially for the people
who are waiting for news of their loved ones,
and for those in hospitals that are unable to meet their needs.
Generous God, you know all that they need.
Make your loving presence visible to them today.
And open our hearts to this country which has once again been devastated.
Help us to support those who are coming to the aid of the Haitian people,
because you are the one who sees the pain this disaster has caused.


—Pierre-Paul Lafond