Job Number: 44-31
Opening/Closing Date: January 12, 2024 to February 26, 2024


Standards for Accreditation Committee (1 vacancy)

This committee is seeking lay people or ministry personnel who have expertise in adult education and learning outcomes. The committee assists in developing and revising the learning and training standards required for accreditation to various ministries and to support ministry personnel to maintain effectiveness in their leadership. 


The Standards for Accreditation Committee (Standards Committee) establishes standards to contribute to the effectiveness of ministry personnel in their leadership in communities of faith and beyond. In accordance with E.2.2 of The Manual, the committee develops and recommends standards (often in the form of learning outcomes) to guide the

  • training and accreditation of ministry personnel
  • admission of ministers from other denominations
  • readmission of people to the order of ministry
  • continuing education, formation, and professional development of ministry personnel
  • oversight and discipline of ministry personnel

The Standards Committee may consult with appropriate bodies, such as the National Indigenous Council, la Table des ministères en français, and the Theological Schools Circle or other working groups on topics that connect to the standards for accreditation of ministry personnel.  

Recent and Upcoming Work

During its first term, the Standards Committee developed standardized learning outcomes for mandatory trainings (racial justice and boundaries), the ministry of supervision training, and the orientation program for admission ministers. The committee also worked with the Mental Health Working Group on mental health training for ministry personnel and assisted in developing competencies for ministry formation and lifelong ministry leadership.

In the current triennium, the committee has been focusing on developing standards for the continuing education of ministry personnel. The committee has recommended updates to the Ethical Standards and Standards of Practice for Ministry Personnel. The committee will soon be examining the need for social media standards for ministry personnel. The committee may also be asked to outline learning outcomes for possible new training in the areas of mental health, anti-homophobia and anti-transphobia, and right-relations (such as the KAIROS Blanket Exercise).


The committee is made up of six members who reflect the diversity of the United Church, with particular attention to its equity commitments and the presence of both lay people and ministry personnel from across the geography of the church. 

To honour the separation of responsibilities assigned to regional councils and those assigned to the Office of Vocation, members of Office of Vocation committees and boards cannot also serve on a body of the regional council with decision-making responsibilities that relate to or affect pastoral relations or pastoral relationships.

Member Skills and Experience

Gifts that would be an asset to this committee include a background in adult education, developing learning outcomes, understanding of the vocation of ministry, and familiarity with professional standards. 

Expectations and Term

The committee meets every other month by videoconference call and may meet in person as necessary. The term of this appointment is until the conclusion of the 45th General Council (August 2025), with the possibility of reappointment for a second three-year term. 

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