Opening/Closing Date: January 4, 2021 to January 26, 2021
Anticipated Start Date: February 24, 2021

Racial Justice| March to June 2021| Young Adults (ages 18-28) of African Descent | Paid - $1100/mo

Logo: UN International Decade for People of African Descent
The United Church of Canada supports the International Decade for People of African Descent.

In keeping with The United Church of Canada commitment to the UN International Decade for People of African Descent, the goal of this Developing Young Black Scholarship program is to utilize research on Black Canadian church experience of anti-black racism with a view to inform other antiracism work within church's communities of faith.

The United Church of Canada is seeking six (6) African-descent young adults (18-28 years old) who are affiliated with The United Church of Canada to form a learning community to do participatory research.  As part of this community, young adults will be trained to become resource experts on the history of anti-Black racism in Canadian church contexts.  The project also includes educational engagement with communities of faith in the church.  

This learning community will focus on three thematic research areas:

  1. Recognition - explore the history of Black experiences in Canadian church contexts
  2. Justice - identify spaces for engagement between Black and non-Black faith communities where the latter can learn from the former
  3. Development - make recommendations on how the Black experience can inform to help end racism and xenophobia in Canadian church contexts

Emo Yango, CIM Identity and Mission staff will oversee the program via online training retreats, online communications and regular online check-ins.

Why do we need this project?

  1. Lack of recorded historical data on Black experience in Canadian church contexts means these stories are not reaching communities of faith with few or no black members. And when they do, the stories are often told by non-Black people. While these non-Black faith communities (includes Indigenous, People of Colour and White) may act as allies, the predominant spaces of power continue to be held by white Canadians. Especially, it is these spaces that desperately need to interact with the Black stories that are borne out of the legacy of slavery, if justice is to happen.
  2. One of the intentional values of the project is to produce narrative research that will be conducted by Black youth/young adults, who will then utilize different expressions/forms/styles of historical story telling. In the end, the project seeks to raise resource experts from the younger generation on anti-Black experiences in Canadian church contexts. In addition, these individuals will be trained to tell the stories of Black legacy to non-Black communities of faith and engage the latter toward changes to right relations, both inside and outside the spaces of The United Church of Canada.
  3. The project also seeks to bring and connect the tapestry of Black stories and experiences to non-Black faith communities. The purpose is to interweave these seeming fragmented stories into a network of right relations where the Black experience can inform the pathways toward racial justice in the Canadian context on a broader scale.


Jan – Feb              Selection and formation of a Learning Community 

Mar – Jun             Production of research data from the Learning Community

Jul – Dec              Implementation of strategy leading to changes
                             concerning anti-Black racism

Other Details

  • Each participant will receive a monthly allowance of $1,100/month during the period of research production (Mar-Jun).
  • Each participant will receive assistance with internet access.
  • The project requires 15 hours/week during the period of research production.
  • All participants must be affiliated with The United Church of Canada.
  • No prior research experience is required.
To Apply

Apply directly to Identity and Mission by January 26, 2021.
If you have questions about this opportunity, please contact Emo Yango,

The United Church is committed to equity, diversity, justice, and to creating a positive and supportive environment for people of all identities and backgrounds. All qualified people are encouraged to apply!