Job Number: 22-68
Opening/Closing Date: September 14, 2022 to October 12, 2022


Nakonha:ka, Eastern Ontario Outaouais and East Central Ontario Regional Councils of The United Church of Canada is seeking an individual to fill the role of Executive Minister on a full-time (35 hours/week) permanent basis.

The United Church of Canada is a Christian community of faith and hope, called to celebrate God’s presence, and to love and serve others. We act in cooperation with others for peace, justice, care for creation, and the healing of the world.

Regional Councils in the United Church of Canada work to ensure that communities of faith are supported, accompanied, and guided in their ministry life. Regional Councils are the key link between local ministry and the wider church and have the responsibility to ensure that they are operating effectively within the parameters of The Manual of the United Church. Regional Councils work within the context of the national strategic plan, supporting the work of the General Council, and setting regional priorities within that context. As the primary connection to communities of faith, the Regional Councils are called to provide leadership in the evolving church as it adapts to a changing world, focusing on support for ministry in all its diversity: in its birth, in its life, in its death, and in its resurrection.

The Regional Executive Minister (REM) provides leadership, council, and support to three Regional Councils in the fulfilment of their respective mission. The REM ensures that each Regional Council is able to navigate the responsibilities of the  denominational council. 

The main areas of focus are:

  1. Regional Council Governance
  • Provides grounding, leadership, and focus to the work of the Regional Councils;
  • Assists the elected leadership of the Regional Councils in fulfilling their mandate and responsibilities;
  • Supervises the staff in Regional Councils, ensuring that the staff complement meets the priority needs of the Regional Council’s work;
  • Provides support to existing communities of faith and helps nurture the development of new communities of faith;
  • Ensures that the duties identified in Section C of the Manual are carried out effectively;
  • Celebrates key moments in the life of the church’s ministry;
  • Communicates a vision and direction in conjunction with Regional and General Council decisions;
  • Serves as a key player in ecumenical and interfaith relationships within the region;
  • Addresses emerging societal issues and participates in both responsive and proactive media strategies within the region;
  • Prepares reports and assessments as required to Regional Councils and the General Secretary; and carries out other duties as assigned by the General Secretary.
  1. Supervision of Staff
  • Oversees the hiring of all regional council staff;
  • Provides supervision of all regional council staff, including the conducting of performance reviews; regular conversations on workload and approving expenses prior to reimbursement;
  • Takes responsibility, when necessary, for the termination of staff after consultation with the General Secretary, General Council, Human Resources Staff, and the President /Speaker of the Regional Council.
  1. General Council
  • Attends management and leadership meetings as required, including but not limited to Senior Management Team, General Council Executive, General Council meetings to provide support and advice;
  • Communicates and interprets the perspectives of the Regional Councils and their constituencies to the other Regional Councils within The United Church of Canada and/or to the General Secretary;
  • Engages the Regional Councils in the priorities and decisions of the denominational council;
  • Communicates and interprets the decisions of the General Council and its Executive to the Regional Councils, their communities of faith and, as necessary, to individuals;
  • Works collaboratively with Office of Vocation and Philanthropy Unit staff deployed within the Regions;  
  • Maintains good working relationships with national bodies such as the National Indigenous Council and La Table des ministères en français.


  • MDiv or an equivalent degree in theology
  • Is an active member of the United Church of Canada and is involved in the church’s life at different levels;
  • Has 5 to 7 years of related experience in church/ministry leadership and/or senior-level management;
  • Fluency in both spoken and written English and French;
  • Thorough knowledge, understanding and appreciation of the doctrine, polity and policies of The United Church of Canada, and ability to share this knowledge clearly within the conciliar system that has evolved in the regional councils;
  • Excellent communication skills (both verbal and written in both official languages) with the ability to communicate competently and effectively from an informed theological perspective and express ideas clearly in worship, in public, and with the media;
  • Ability to help the church community make informed decisions, and to articulate the denomination’s position on a wide range of issues;
  • Commitment to support the church’s work of reconciliation, and its desire to be intercultural, anti-racist and functionally bilingual;
  • Demonstrated facilitation, administrative, supervisory skills, and a collegial consultative leadership style with a commitment to a coordinated team approach;
  • Excellent analytical skills and judgment in dealing with critical issues is required;
  • Experience in fiscal management and planning, and an ability to develop and monitor budgets, read and understand financial statements;
  • An awareness of organizational development concepts, together with a willingness to explore new initiatives, new learnings, and the flexibility to respond to the changing needs of the church;
  • Ability to discern appropriate pathways through complex issues, problems or opportunities and the impact or implication of decisions and actions;
  • Ability to manage a wide range of administrative responsibilities;
  • Experience with conflict and change management;
  • Ability to effectively use a variety of electronic communications and technology tools
  • Sensitivity, respect for, and an openness to working creatively, openly, transparently, tactfully, and diplomatically with, the diversity, social and cultural realities of the regional council;
  • A passion for ministry and discipleship.

As part of our ongoing commitment to Accessibility, The United Church of Canada will aid employees who request accommodation throughout their employment with us, unless the position is deemed to be a bona fide occupational requirement and/or to the point of undue hardship considering issues of health, safety and cost.

Working Conditions

This position works remotely, primarily from a home office, but will occasionally perform duties from a Regional Council office. There is an expectation that the REM will support each region equitably

Sitting and viewing a computer screen for long periods, keyboarding/using voice recognition software, intermittent physical activity including sitting, standing and being on the phone for long periods of time will be required.

Attendance at occasional evening and weekend meetings together with extensive travel within the regions is expected, with occasional travel across Canada.


Salary will be based on skills and experience, within category 11 on the salary range of $96,376.87 to$128,502.07.  Pension and group benefit plans coverage and annual vacation round out this compensation package.

To Apply

Interested applicants are invited to submit their cover letter and resume to Human Resources at  Please quote job number 22-68 in your application.

A copy of the full job description is available upon request.