Opening/Closing Date: May 9, 2023 to July 31, 2023


Vision & Mission:

The Vancouver School of Theology is called to educate and form thoughtful, engaged and generous Christian leaders.  An education at VST invites: (1) Faithful discernment of the demands of Christian service; (2) Rigorous engagement with Christian tradition and contemporary learning; (3) Hospitable and respectful collaboration with Indigenous spiritualties and other cultures and faith traditions for the good of all creation.

This position is accountable to the President and Dean; works closely with: Faculty (particularly Professors of Denominational Formation), Field Education Mentors and Supervisors and relates to: Students; all programs and Denominational leaders.

Job Summary:

The Director of Theological Field Education (TFE) at VST will be responsible for all the arrangements for TFE in the curricula for the degree programs which require field placements. The Director of Field Education works in consultation with the Directors of Indigenous and Interreligious Studies for appropriate field education placements for students in the Master of Arts in Indigenous and Interreligious Studies (MAIIS) degree (see 7 below). This person teaches and coordinates various courses that engage the work of TFE. This person will also be involved in the retooling of Field Education at VST funded by the Lilly Endowment Pathways for Tomorrow grant.

This is a full-time position with primary responsibility in administration and teaching, with year-round responsibilities. The person appointed to this position will be assigned faculty rank commensurate with their background and qualifications. Given the instructional responsibilities of this position, the person holds an advanced degree and appropriate professional experience. Given the administrative responsibilities, particular skills in planning, budget development, and the utilization of a variety of technologies for use in educational planning, delivery and administration are needed. The person must have the ability to take initiative, manage time and multiple tasks effectively, and work creatively and collegially with others in an ecumenical context in the development and coordination of programming.


The position fulfills two critical functions in the area of pastoral/practical theology at VST: 1) direction of the TFE program and 2) serving as a faculty member with teaching, research and advising responsibilities, contributing to the overall work of the school.

Administration and Planning:

  1. To administer the program in field education at VST including placements - oversee the recruitment and training of supervisors, teaching congregations and agencies, evaluations and general support.
  2. To keep records on students’ TFE programs.
  3. To consult with faculty, Directors of Denominational Formation and the Dean to consider how their subject areas might be factored into the TFE program, and assist with the integration of TFE/practical-pastoral Theology courses within the rest of the curriculum.
  4. To provide instruction and leadership to students preparing for TFE and enrolled in related courses, including preparation of all course materials, including liaising with mentors and supervisors and others as appropriate.
  5. To represent TFE to the churches and to engage the churches in conversations about TFE.
  6. To represent VST to the Association for Theological Field Education (ATFE) and to represent ATFE to VST.
  7. To consult with faculty overseeing the MAIIS (Master of Arts in Indigenous and Interreligious Studies) about supervised field placements for that degree program.
  8. To support initiatives in children and youth ministry at our school in collaboration with denominational partners.
  9. Maintain curricular documents and policies related to the field education program (course catalogue, student handbook, field education handbook, website, brochures) and make policies available to students in relevant programs - M.Div., MAIIS (Master of Arts in Indigenous and Interreligious Studies) and MAPPL (Master of Arts in Public and Pastoral Leadership)
  10. Participate in faculty meetings and serve on relevant committees (PPL, Faculty Association)
  11. Initiate, plan and implement programming for students to enhance the learning environment and provide opportunities for feedback.


  •  Experience in pastoral leadership
  •  Understand critical issues facing the church and ministry today
  •  Understand and appreciate diverse vocational contexts of interest to students in all relevant degree programs.
  •  Training and experience as a field education supervisor or equivalent preparation
  •  Experience in leadership theory and practice, theological reflection and reflective practice
  •  Ability to provide leadership in an increasingly multidenominational and intercultural theological college
  •  Knowledge of the church and its need for leaders, lay and ordained
  •  Commitment to the work of theological integration in all aspects of TFE
  •  Eligible for membership in the Association for Theological Field Education
  •  Knowledgeable of the church in BC and the Pacific Northwest of the US is desirable.
  •  Membership in one of VST’s participating or associated denominations (ACC, PCC, UCC).
  •  A doctorate in a field relevant to the work of Theological Field Education is preferred

Preference will be given to applicants from either the United or Anglican Churches of Canada, or one of their global analogues, and candidates who will add to the ethnic, racial, and gender/sexual diversity of the faculty. In accordance with Canadian law, priority will be given to Canadian applicants.

Vision, Mission and Values of VST can be found here:

The full position description is posted at

To Apply

Please submit applications (CV, a cover letter and three letters of reference that the candidate solicits and are sent directly to VST) electronically to by July 1, 2023. Successful candidates will be invited to an on-campus interview early in 2023. The position will start January 1, 2024.

President Richard Topping, Chair
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