Job Number: 44-05
Opening/Closing Date: September 9, 2022 to October 20, 2022


Candidacy Boards (12‒15 members per board, various vacancies as noted) 

Candidacy Boards provide an essential role in assisting people to discern their call into ministry.  


There are seven Candidacy Boards in the United Church, each relating to a number of regional councils or to the Indigenous church. The responsibilities of the Candidacy Boards include naming candidates, supporting and assessing candidates throughout their Candidacy Pathway, and determining readiness for accreditation for commissioning to the diaconal ministry of education, service, and pastoral care; ordination to the ministry of word, sacrament, and pastoral care; or recognizing designated lay ministry. Candidacy Boards serve as commissions of the Board of Vocation. 


Each Candidacy Board is made up of 12–15 members who reflect the broad diversity of the United Church, with particular attention to its equity commitments and the presence of both lay people and ministry personnel from across the geography of the church.

The following Candidacy Boards are seeking additional members: 

  • Prairie Candidacy Board (3 vacancies) 
  • North and Central Ontario Candidacy Board (4 vacancies – lay people) 
  • Quebec and East Ontario Candidacy Board (3 vacancies) 
  • Atlantic Candidacy Board (4 vacancies) 
  • *Indigenous Candidacy Board (up to 7 vacancies) 

(*Members of this Candidacy Board are appointed by the National Indigenous Council to serve the candidacy needs of the Indigenous Church.) 

Member Skills and Experience 

Candidacy Board members need to understand that the Candidacy Pathway is different for each applicant and candidate; this takes extra time and attention. Members need knowledge of the realities of the practice of ministry and of intercultural sensitivity. Proficiency in French or other languages in addition to English is an asset. 

Members of Candidacy Boards need to have skills in listening, discernment, having difficult conversations, and providing clear and concrete feedback. Members must be able to compassionately say “no,” including the possibility of terminating someone’s candidacy. Members will be comfortable viewing and working with documents online.  

Expectations and Term 

Candidacy Boards meet regularly by videoconference call and may meet in person as necessary. Some Candidacy Boards meet monthly; some meet every other month; some meet three to four times a year for a few days at a time. It is expected that members will make this commitment a priority and attend every meeting notwithstanding unavoidable emergencies or similar situations. 

For more information about this volunteer opportunity, please see the complete description, below.

To Express Interest

To apply for this vacancy, please express interest or nominate someone.

All submissions will be acknowledged by e-mail. If you do not receive acknowledgement, please contact Member Engagement. Incomplete or late submissions cannot be considered.

For further information or assistance in expressing interest or nominating someone, please contact:

Member Engagement
Toll-Free: 1-800-268-3781, ext. 2211


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