The church welcomes a federal court ruling that finds labelling products made in Israeli settlements as "product of Israel" deceptive.

Unsettling Goods: Settlement Comparison
Settlements can range from a cluster of a few trailers and tents to small cities.
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Published On: August 1, 2019

The United Church of Canada notes with appreciation the July 29, 2019 decision of the Federal Court of Canada that two wines made in Israeli settlements in the West Bank should not be labelled “Product of Israel." The court ruled that this label is "false, misleading, and deceptive" and interferes with Canadian consumers' ability to "buy conscientiously."

Since passing a resolution at the 2012 General Council calling for the accurate labelling of settlement products sold in Canada (search "settlement products" on United Church Commons), the United Church has made the same case to the Canadian government on several occasions—most recently in presentations before the Senate regarding the Canada-Israel Free Trade Agreement (CIFTA) [PDF on].

“The United Church of Canada reaffirms its call to the Canadian government to respect its obligations under international law, and to abide by its own foreign policy which does not recognize Israel’s claim to territories occupied in 1967. This would include ensuring accurate and truthful labelling of any and all settlement and/or settlement-related products sold in Canada. The United Church further urges the government to fully comply with the July 29, 2019 decision of the Federal Court of Canada in the case of Kattenburg v. Canada, and to use tax payer money wisely and refrain from appealing this decision.”
—Patti Talbot, Team Leader, Church in Partnership

We continue to encourage United Church people to become involved in supporting just peace between Palestinians and Israelis.

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