Joint letter from United Church, Canadian Voice of Women for Peace states concern for humanitarian and human rights impacts of UN sanctions.

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Candlelight vigil for Korea, Vancouver, January 15, 2018.
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Published On: March 12, 2019

As part of the United Church’s ongoing commitment to seeking reconciliation and a peaceful resolution of the crisis on the Korean peninsula, a letter written together with the Canadian Voice of Women for Peace has been sent to the United Nations. The United Church and Canadian Voice of Women for Peace are working together as part of a global network committed to “maximum engagement” for reconciliation and peace in Korea, not “maximum pressure.”

Written in close collaboration with partners in Korea, the letter details the worsening humanitarian conditions ordinary North Koreans are forced to live under, brought on by the sanctions imposed by the UN. Difficulties accessing aid, along with restricted access to fuel for food production and heating and to medical supplies, are putting the most vulnerable civilian groups (women, children, seniors) at risk.

The letter (available under Downloads, below) comes following a meeting of foreign ministers from 20 nations in Vancouver last month, to discuss security and stability on the Korean Peninsula. An international delegation of 16 women representing peace movements, women’s networks, faith groups, and others from Asia, Europe, and North America also convened in that city, with the aim of encouraging the politicians to include civil-society perspectives in their official talks.

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