Independent external service will improve confidentiality.

Published On: January 14, 2020

The United Church General Council Office and regional councils have a variety of policies and procedures to identify and prevent improper professional activities and safeguard resources. To complement these, the church has introduced a reporting system for anyone to raise concerns about suspected wrongdoing by an employee of the General Council Office or a regional council.

The United Church has had a traditional whistleblowing procedure in place for many years where concerns could be reported directly to a governing body. The church is now introducing an independent external service—ClearView Strategic Partners—to improve confidentiality. Anyone can file a report/complaint and remain anonymous, and they will receive a report back on actions taken. Any communication with the whistleblower is handled confidentially by the third party. Any reports are directed to senior managers to investigate, or to other staff in the event of a conflict of interest.

“Independent whistleblower programs are very prevalent in both the for-profit and non-profit worlds and are considered a best practice,” explains Chief Financial Officer Erik Mathiesen. “Assuring confidentiality and feedback increases the likelihood of a concern being reported and problems being detected earlier.”

The service is fully bilingual, and reports can be submitted online, by phone, or by e-mail. For more information, including contact information, see the download below or go to

For further information, contact

Erik Mathiesen
Executive Officer, Finance
416-231-7680 x4022
1-800-268-3781 x4022

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