Our partners are continuing to provide lifesaving support.

Two men in an industrial kitchen are surrounded by hundreds of plastic bags of emergency food supplies.
ACT member the Middle East Council of Churches responds to the earthquake.
Credit: MECC
Published On: March 17, 2023

Thanks to the generosity of United Church of Canada donors, we have been able to raise over $182,000 to provide support to our partners who are supporting the people of northern Syria and Türkiye.

The Middle East Council of Churches, a Mission & Service partner of the United Church, along with other members of ACT Alliance and the Canadian Foodgrains Bank, continue to respond by supplying first aid, water, temporary shelters, food, and other lifesaving support to people impacted by the earthquakes.

The earthquakes have been devastating, with a death toll of over 55,700 people to date. The United Nations estimates that over 8 million people in Syria are affected, 5 million of whom need emergency humanitarian assistance. Before the earthquakes, the situation in Syria was already catastrophic for many people who have been displaced by over a decade of war.

Humanitarian access to parts of northwestern Syria have been difficult given international sanctions as well as restrictions on access to areas held by non-government groups. The Middle East Council of Churches is calling for governments to lift sanctions to quickly aid those impacted.

ACT Alliance, along with Syrian and international NGOs, is calling for a scaling up of response in northwest Syria and unhindered access to areas affected by the earthquakes.

Thank you to the many generous United Church supporters. You can still donate to send help. You can also help by writing to your Member of Parliament to ask the Canadian government to support lifting sanctions against Syria to facilitate full humanitarian access.

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