“When hearts are broken, Creator of love, you are there to hold them.”

Published On: February 27, 2019

Moderator the Right Rev. Richard Bott offers a prayer for those affected by The United Methodist Church decision of February 26, 2019, to maintain and strengthen rules against LGBTQ2S+ clergy and same-sex marriage. See last week’s prayer for and letter to the United Methodist Church.

Moderator Bott encourages you to share this prayer.

When hearts are broken, Creator of love,
you are there to hold them.
When dreams are shaken, Spirit of hope,
you are there to give them substance, again.
When the rainbow of your love
gets hidden by clouds of fear, Christ of grace,
your call shines through—
“Love one another, as I have loved you.
By this the world will know
that you are my disciples.”

Give us what we need to love the broken,
give us what we need to dream again,
give us what we need to live your call.

We pray for the United Methodist Church.
We remember especially our LGBTQ2S+ siblings.
We offer the certain knowledge that you
are holding them in your love
amidst the whirlwind of this General Conference.
May they stand firm in their faith,
knowing that they are always your beloved children,
disciples of Jesus Christ,
have home in you,
and are held in our love, too.
We pray also for all whose discernment,
whose words and whose actions,
have contributed to the hurt and the pain.
We pray for open hearts, open minds, and open doors—all that lead into the healing of your family and household.

We pray for all of the delegates
who will be returning home.
We pray for rest, we pray for renewal, 
we pray for rapprochement,
we pray for life, and life abundant,
in Christ’s love.

In Jesus’ name, we pray—amen.
By the Spirit’s power, we pray—amen.
In the Creator’s love, we pray—amen.

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