2,669 signatures and growing

A woman holds up a signed petition and the envelope it was mailed in to Korea
Korea Peace Appeal colleague in Seoul receives signed petition from Clifton Pastoral Charge (Nova Scotia).
Credit: KPA
Published On: July 27, 2022

On this day in 1953, the Korean Armistice Agreement was signed, ending the fighting but not ending the Korean War. Almost 70 years later, the Korean people and people in growing numbers around the world call for a move from armistice to peace and an end to the war.

At the six-month mark of The United Church of Canada's 10,000 Signature Korea Peace Appeal, we celebrate and lift up the hope, prayer, storytelling, and action expressed:

  • 2,669 signatures and more than 50 Korea Peace Appeal champions
  • Nine videos with 3,000 views, several blogs, one podcast, and more than 3,500 pageviews on our landing page 
  • Numerous public events, including Korea Peace Appeal Story and Song, featuring intergenerational storytelling with leadership from the Korean Network of The United Church of Canada
  • An online worship service led by Moderator Richard Bott, A Call to Prayer and Action for Peace in Korea, with a message from the Rev. Eun-Kyung Kim, Moderator of the Presbyterian Church in the Republic of Korea and sharing of resources for local worship
  • Korea Peace Appeal focus sessions at GC44 Youth Forum and at regional council meetings
  • Ecumenical collaboration in Canada with the Canadian Council of Churches and ecumenical endorsement by leaders of KAIROS, the Evangelical Lutheran Church in Canada, The Presbyterian Church in Canada, the Mennonite Church Canada, and the Anglican Church of Canada
  • Ever-increasing ecumenical collaboration with partners worldwide seeking peace with justice in the Korean Peninsula, including the United Church of Christ, the Christian Church (Disciples of Christ), The Church of Scotland, numerous groups from Pax Christi, the World Council of Churches, ACT Alliance, the World Communion of Reformed Churches, and more

When the United Church launched its campaign, the Rev. Seung-min Shin of the National Council of Churches in Korea declared, “This is a great encouragement and inspiration to us, and desperately needed momentum for peace. We are deeply grateful for your commitment and prayers.”

As the number of Canadian signatures on the global petition grew, Korea Peace Appeal Coordinator Soo-young Hwang wrote from Seoul to say, “It is a truly remarkable achievement at a difficult time when militarism has strengthened. I believe that we can make the pathway to peace together.”

For many in the United Church long-committed to peace in Korea, the effort has been very encouraging. The Rev. Dr. Kyongja (Kay) Cho shares, “The collaboration across the church and with the Korean Network has been phenomenal. Let’s find opportunities in the next six months to use the worship resources, videos, and blogs to reach our goal.”

United Church people and communities of faith are encouraged to participate in this Ten Thousand Signature campaign by directing people to sign the Korea Peace Appeal petition online, or use a paper petition (see Downloads at bottom of page) and then enter the information into the online petition, or e-mail justice@united-church.ca if you would like assistance entering them.

The United Church campaign will continue through until the end of 2022, with updates to be provided in September and December. The campaign steering committee continues to be supported by Patti Talbot, Team Leader, Global Partnership Program,  ptalbot@united-church.ca ; and Lori Neale, Network Coordinator,  lneale@united-church.ca .

Sign the Korea Peace Appeal today. Share it with others.

E-mail  justice@united-church.ca  to become a Korea Peace Appeal Champion.


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