70 years is enough. It's time to end the Korean War.

Published On: January 21, 2022

Today, The United Church of Canada launches its Korea Peace Appeal Ten Thousand Signature Campaign and declares, “70 years is enough. It’s time to end the Korean War.”

The Korea Peace Appeal is a global campaign calling for a peace treaty that would bring a formal end to the Korean War. The campaign, supported by some 370 civil society organizations in Korea and beyond, seeks to collect 100 million signatures by 2023. Long-time partner in Korea, The National Council of Churches, has challenged The United Church of Canada to join them in support of the Korea Peace Appeal by adding 10,000 signatures to the online petition by this summer.

United Church people across Canada are invited to sign the appeal and invite their communities of faith, networks and friends to join them.

Moderator Richard Bott, in launching the campaign today, urged widespread support: “As Christians, as Canadians, and as ecumenical partners, we join with Korean partners and all who seek peace on the Korean Peninsula and throughout the world. Let’s Act for Peace in Korea today.”

Learn more about the Ten Thousand Signature campaign.

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