Commissioners to the 43rd General Council will meet again online on Saturday, October 19, at noon (EDT).

Published On: October 8, 2019

Commissioners to the 43rd General Council will meet again, this time online, on Saturday, October 19, at noon (EDT) to approve a few routine pieces of business and to constitute the new National Indigenous Organization. The meeting will be webcast through the church’s YouTube channel. It is expected that the meeting will last an hour or two, with Commissioners joining online from their homes or offices.

Some of the agenda items:

  • constituting the church’s new National Indigenous Organization, which will represent Indigenous members with many of the same responsibilities and powers of a regional council
  • authorizing a Category 1 remit to regional councils asking whether the church agrees with proposed changes to the Basis of Union article 10.0 to welcome people of all genders into the ministry
  • approving a change to The Manual that removes reference to the General Council Archives and History Committee since these functions are now performed by regional councils, archives networks, staff, and, as necessary, task groups
  • receiving the annual audited financial statements

Annual online meetings are now required for General Council to formally receive the audited financial statements. They are also an opportunity to consider additional proposals that do not require discussion rather than having to wait for the whole three-year cycle.

The agenda and a full listing of the business are available in the Workbook on the United Church Commons under GC43 Annual Recall, 2019.

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