In its first year, Broadview magazine (formerly The United Church Observer) is garnering praise and nominations for its work.

Broadview magazine past covers
Credit: Broadview
Published On: May 12, 2020

It is hard to believe a year has passed since The United Church Observer unveiled its total makeover as Broadview magazine.

In the past month, Broadview was nominated for five of the highest awards in Canadian journalism, including the Magazine Grand Prix for Broadview’s editor, Jocelyn Bell. She managed the long and difficult transition of the magazine’s editorial direction from focusing solely on the United Church to tackling the broader ethical, moral, and spiritual questions facing Canadians, all through the lens of compassionate Christianity.

The United Church of Canada’s leadership sends its hardiest congratulations to Ms. Bell and all the staff at Broadview. Month after month, the magazine highlights the complex and difficult issues facing Canadians and Christians in the 21st century, from the environment to how we are managing spiritually during COVID-19 to the ongoing justice issues of our rich country where one in eight households is food insecure.

For decades, the magazine has been editorially independent from the United Church, applying its journalistic excellence to reporting on all aspects of the church. Sometimes the coverage was celebratory; other times stories raised questions about direction and governance that caused leaders discomfort. Relationships are not always smooth, and the church continues to support Broadview through a small annual grant and advertising. It is a long symbiotic history that dates back to 1829, making Broadview the oldest continuously published magazine in North America, with several name changes along the way.

Well done, Broadview staff! The church is proud to be part of your expanding landscape and thrilled at the nominations. We encourage everyone to read Broadview by subscribing to the print edition and visiting Broadview online—you won’t be disappointed.

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