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Event Date: May 18, 2021 from 7:00 pm EDT to 8:30 pm EDT

People of Asian descent are taught, according to their cultural traditions, not to make much noise in society. This becomes a problem when Asians migrate to Western countries, where our initial objective is to coexist with people of all ethnic and cultural backgrounds. This quietness stereotypes us as being docile and submissive, and results in Asian voices not being heard much in society.  

In a climate where anti-Asian racist acts have been growing during the pandemic, we become easy targets. Too many social media posts blame Asians for the virus; Asian Canadians are being bullied, spat on, and refused service by other Canadians who have bought into this fear-inducing and racially motivated misrepresentation. Political disagreements between our government and that of China are exacerbating the problem.  The impact, however, is felt not only by those of Chinese descent but also by all Asians. This is happening in Canadian stores, Canadian parks―even Canadian churches.

Event Description

In this webinar, we will hear five Asian-Canadian church leaders talk frankly about their personal experiences of racism, both within their churches and in society in general. They will share what changes they have noticed over the past year and how these have affected them personally. They will also share how they have responded to racial slurs and acts perpetrated against them, their friends and families.

Finally, you will be invited to participate in conversations to discuss how to reduce the tensions, and what church people can do to make their own neighbourhoods and communities safer and healthier. No longer should we limit ourselves to sitting on the sidelines quietly. Together, we can make a tangible and measurable difference that will benefit Canadian society as a whole.


This webinar is free―brought to you by Mission and Service. For more information and to register, please visit United in Learning.