Worship and other activities resume in church buildings, with social distancing and other measures.

Masks, Social Distancing, and Limited Singing

  • In-person worship could resume in church buildings where space allows social distancing, adhering to public health directives and allowable numbers. Masks may be worn.
  • Instrumental music can resume, but not congregational singing because it spreads the virus farther than talking. In some cases soloists may be able to perform. Check with your local public health unit.
  • Even after resuming in-person worship, online versions should continue to be available for those in high-risk categories who need to continue to avoid group activities.

Weddings, Baptisms, and Funerals

Small funerals, weddings, and baptisms may be held within local restrictions about numbers.

  • Infant baptism: The parents/guardians of the child should be the only ones to hold them. The officiant will need to sanitize their hands before each baptism.
  • Child and adult baptism: Water should come from individual cups or a bottle for each person, not the common font.

Administration and Maintenance

  • Maintenance and administration functions resume more fully, but with provisions for social distancing. These might include such measures as alternating times for staff to be present in the office.
  • Tenant use of church buildings may be staged back in, depending on the types of activities and the ability to implement appropriate safety protocols.
  • Deep cleaning needs to be done after every gathering.