Inspire and grow generosity as a regular spiritual practice in your community of faith.

What Is Stewardship? 

Stewardship is… 

  • how we live our faith daily, including offering our gifts 
  • partnership with God and others to change the world  
  • spiritual practices that help us grow our faith and our generosity

By sharing freely from the talents, time, and resources that God has given us, we help to do God’s mission.  

Stewardship Tools and Tips 

  • The United Church’s annual giving program, Called to Be the Church, provides all the resources you need to hold a successful annual giving program.
  • The narrative budget tells the story of your ministry through words and pictures, showing how people’s generosity impacts the community around them. 
  • The Step Chart shows where a gift level fits within the giving pattern of the rest of the congregation in order to suggest the next step that might be taken. 
  • The Proportional Giving Chart helps donors gauge the percentage of their income they already give and what an increase in percentage might look like. 
  • The Thank You Placemat can be used to thank people for all they contribute to the church’s mission and ministry, and to model gratitude. 
  • Visit our YouTube Playlist for videos to use in your community of faith. Links for downloading are included in the descriptions on YouTube.

I Intend 

I Intend is a spiritual growth program based on A New Creed. It offers a holistic understanding of the life of faith and stewardship, including but not limited to money, and proposes practical and specific spiritual practices for daily living. It can be used by congregations, small groups, and individuals. 

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