Dive into stewardship!

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Good stewardship is never about guilt or coercion or simply meeting the budget.

Good stewardship is about discipleship, generosity, and spiritual growth.

Together we’ll learn the following:

  • Claim Your Mission: it's really why people give to you
  • Cultivate Generosity: practical ways to increase giving
  • Create a Culture of Gratitude: saying thank you is critical
  • Stewardship Is Discipleship: integrating stewardship into your spiritual growth programming

How does it work?

  • Each regional cohort is limited to three communities of faith.
  • Bring your learning team of three people, plus the minister or key lay leader if you don’t have a minister.
  • Attend the four online two-hour classes, once a week for a month.
  • Plan your stewardship next steps using the data and recommendations in your customized Financial Stewardship Analysis report.
  • Meet one-on-one with a trained Stewardship Animator for ongoing support and coaching.
  • Celebrate your success!

What’s in it for communities of faith?

  • Know the best practices for increasing revenue and growing generous disciples.
  • Build relationships with other communities of faith across your region.
  • Receive a customized Financial Stewardship Analysis report for your community of faith, including recommendations to help you decide on your next steps on the stewardship journey.
  • Receive personal coaching and support with a trained Stewardship Animator to achieve your stewardship goals.
  • Participants receive a 15% discount on ALL stewardship resources from UCRD.

How do communities of faith sign up?

Contact us to find out when Module 1 is coming to your region at called@united-church.ca

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