This is where your stewardship journey begins.

Abstract, simplified version of the United Church crest in gold, red, white, and black and the words Called to Be the Church The Journey in dark blue

How does it work?

Come on your own or come with a team and join United Church people from across the country to learn some stewardship first principles.

Start with an online 90-minute course that answers questions like

  • What is stewardship all about anyways?
  • Isn’t stewardship just a churchy word for fundraising?
  • Why do people give, and why would they give to our church?
  • What can we do to encourage greater generosity?

What’s in it for communities of faith?

In addition to the online learning, the practical assignments that follow will help you

  • reflect on giving and generosity as part of your faith
  • gather and interpret some of the giving data from your community of faith
  • build a stewardship team in order to start making stewardship a priority in your community of faith
  • receive a 15 percent discount on all stewardship resources from the United Church Bookstore. A promo code will be given to you at the online session.

Once you complete the course and assignments, you are eligible to take further steps on the stewardship journey using the Called to Be the Church: The Journey module courses.

How do we sign up?

To find out when this module is available or to register, please use this form.

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