Inspire! Invite! Thank!

What is this program?

The Congregational Giving Program of Called to Be the Church: The Journey provides everything you need to get a congregational giving program off the ground.

Getting started

Giving Team meeting 1: Planning

  • Share Why I’m Here and Why I Give stories.
  • Set your goals for the program.
  • Set your timeline for the program: 5-week, 3-week, or 1-week.
  • Pick the full liturgies, sermons, and children’s resources for your program from the Worship Sampler or directly from the Stewardship in Worship page.

Giving Team meeting 2: Planning

  • Plan your Invitation Package to Inspire, Invite. and Thank people to greater generosity.
  • Work on your Narrative Budget.
  • Commit your own gifts.
  • Plan your communication to the community of faith.

Implement the program!


Inspiring examples of living our faith inspire gratitude; inspire generosity; inspire giving.

  • Why Am I Here? exercise
  • Why I Give? exercise
  • Narrative Budget how-tos and samples


We invite ALL people of our faith community to contribute to God’s mission here in our congregation, in our community, and through the Mission & Service of The United Church of Canada. The invitation is most effective when we reach out in a clear, direct, and personal way.

  • Ways to Invite: Face-to-Face; Community Meal; Letter of Invitation (with samples)
  • Decision-Making Tools: Intention Sheet and Response Card (with samples); Step Chart; Proportional Giving Chart
  • Program announcements: Bulletin announcement; letter/e-mail samples


A culture of generosity is built on a foundation of gratitude. We cannot say thank you too many times. It’s just that simple!

  • Timely: A message of thanks is provided soon after you receive a gift.
  • Personal: The thank you is delivered face-to-face, in a handwritten note, or by e-mail.
  • Sincere: The message communicates what a difference a person’s gift will make.

Giving Team meeting 3: Evaluating and celebrating

Use the Evaluation report in the Planning Workbook as a general guide.

  • Review your experience.
  • Do follow-up reporting and updating.
  • Celebrate what you accomplished!

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