Survivors can apply for compensation from the federal government

On August 19, 2019, the Federal Court approved a nation-wide class settlement to compensate Day School survivors for harms suffered while attending Federal Indian Day Schools and Federal Day Schools.

The settlement also will allow the estates of survivors who have died from July 31, 2007, to make claims.

Applications for Compensation

Survivors can complete a claim form that is available, along with additional information, at the official website for the class action settlement, or call 1-888-221-2898 for assistance.

Survivors have two and a half years to submit their claims for compensation. The last day to submit a claim is July 13, 2022.

Elements of the Settlement Agreement

  1. Compensation ranges from $10,000 for harms associated with attending a Federal Indian Day School or Federal Day School to $200,000 for repeated sexual abuse and/or physical assault leading to long-term injury. Eligible Class Members will receive a payment reflecting the most severe harms they suffered while attending an Indian Day School, irrespective of the number of schools attended.

    To be eligible for direct compensation, a person must have attended at least one of the Federal Indian Day Schools or Federal Day Schools funded, managed, and controlled by Canada and listed on Schedule K of the Agreement.
  2.  A $200 million Legacy Fund to support commemoration projects, health and wellness programs, education, language, and culture initiatives for communities will be created. These funds will be administered by the McLean Day School Settlement Corporation.

For More Information

Please go to the official Federal Indian Day School Class Action website. If you need other help, contact Lori Ransom.