Tips and resources for members and congregations during the COVID-19 pandemic

Please consult local, provincial, and federal public health agencies for the latest updates on COVID-19 that may affect your community of faith. Below are some resources to support you. Ministry personnel who are seeking support and resources during the pandemic can consult their regional council for assistance that fits with provincial health requirements and regulations. Remember: We are not alone.
Covid-19 Virus
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The United Church is accepting donations to support those in the global South who are at greater risk than ever due to COVID-19. Find out how Mission & Service partners are turning compassion into action for those who need it most. The World Council of Churches has collected prayers from around the globe for use during the pandemic.

  • Emergency Funding for Congregations
    • Make a Plan
    • United Church Emergency Support
  • Reopening Churches during COVID-19
  • Governance during the Pandemic
  • Worship Online during COVID-19
  • Stewardship, Finances, and COVID-19
Congregational Finances: Wed. May 26
Keep up to date on the latest news and advice for treasurers.
The Church Has Left the Building: How Will We Combine Online and In-Person Church?
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A Prayer for the Front-Line Workers
A prayer for the protection of workers and to give them our thanks during COVID.
A Prayer for Those Whose Life and Livelihood Are Threatened by COVID-19
A prayer for those struggling personally and professionally during COVID.
What Do We Need for These Second-Wave Days?
A prayer to hear, see, and clearly during the second wave of COVID.
A Prayer for Those Who Are Dying Alone because of COVID
A prayer for people dying alone during the pandemic.
Feeling Alone
A prayer for those who are missing the company of others during COVID-19.
Fighting Complacency
A prayer for those concerned about complacency in others during COVID-19.
Feeling and Facing Anxiety and Fears
A prayer for those feeling anxious during the second wave of COVID-19.
Amazing Generosity during the COVID-19 Crisis
M4M 2021: Jan. 17. When COVID-19 struck, the United Church asked members to make a special gift to help those most affected by the virus. Your… continue reading