Revised tips and resources for members and congregations during year two the COVID-19 pandemic

Please consult local, provincial, and federal public health agencies for the latest updates on COVID-19 that may affect your community of faith. Below are some resources to support you. Ministry personnel who are seeking support and resources during the pandemic can consult their regional council for assistance that fits with provincial health requirements and regulations. Remember: We are not alone.
COVID-19 vaccine vials
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The United Church continues to accept donations to support those in the global South who are at greater risk than ever due to COVID-19. Find out how Mission & Service partners are turning compassion into action for those who need it most. The World Council of Churches has collected prayers from around the globe for use during the pandemic.

  • Emergency Funding for Congregations
    • Make a Plan
    • Government Emergency Programs
    • United Church Emergency Support
  • Reopening Churches during COVID-19
  • Governance during the Pandemic
  • Worship Online during COVID-19
  • Stewardship, Finances, and COVID-19
A Prayer for Health Workers During COVID-19

A prayer for those who care for the sick during this difficult time of COVID-19.

Offenders Suffer Even More Isolation

Parkland Restorative Justice, a Mission & Service‒supported non-profit, maintains connections with inmates at the Saskatchewan Penitentiary…

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Street-Involved People Are Especially Vulnerable

A Mission & Service‒supported community centre serving Greater Victoria’s most vulnerable, Our Place is bracing for COVID-19 to strike. 

A Prayer for Those Who Struggle

We pray for those who struggle at this time of huge uncertainty during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Ministry with Children and Youth
A message from the Moderator and resources for those who minister with children and youth.
Clarification: Ontario churches CAN stream worship from their buildings

 Clarification: Ontario churches CAN stream worship from their buildings. This modifies the advice we gave on March 25.

“We Are All Relatives”

The National Indigenous Elders Council has offered the whole church its wisdom and assurance in light of the COVID-19 pandemic.

Closure of Church Buildings in Ontario

In Ontario, church buildings (with some exceptions) have not been named as essential, so Ontario church buildings must be closed. We interpret…

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Moderator Asks That Funerals Be Delayed

   Moderator urges communities of faith to consider delaying funerals at this present time.

Supporting Staff through the Pandemic

With in-person worship being suspended and rental incomes stopped, some communities of faith may be faced with financial concerns Before making…

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