Revised tips and resources for members and congregations during year two the COVID-19 pandemic (October 2021)

Please consult local, provincial, and federal public health agencies for the latest updates on COVID-19 that may affect your community of faith. Government financial support programs are being phased out as of October 2021. Below are some resources to support you. Ministry personnel who are seeking support and resources during the pandemic can consult their regional council for assistance that fits with provincial health requirements and regulations. Remember: We are not alone.
COVID-19 vaccine vials
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The United Church continues to accept donations to support those in the global South who are at greater risk than ever due to COVID-19. Find out how Mission & Service partners are turning compassion into action for those who need it most. The World Council of Churches has collected prayers from around the globe for use during the pandemic.

Marking Florence Nightingale’s Bicentenary in Worship

Members have been asking how they can honour the ministry of healthcare workers, particularly during the COVID-19 pandemic. Consider using the…

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Reopening to the New Normal

   Reopening Churches during COVID-19 is a new online section that includes guidelines and practices to consider when reopening churches to…

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Political and Economic Sanctions Blocking Aid for Most Vulnerable

The United Church joined others in a letter to the Minister of Foreign Affairs urging the Canadian government to ensure that humanitarian…

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Coronavirus Hits Women the Hardest: ACT Alliance Speaks Out

ACT Alliance calls on all governments to assess the gender-based impact of the pandemic and develop responses.

Amity Foundation Reaches Out in China and Beyond

Mission & Service partner the Amity Foundation has delivered tons of essential supplies and equipment to parts of China. Now it's reaching out…

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Keeping Morale Up in Recovery

The normal flow of life has changed at the Jellinek Society’s Recovery House, a Mission & Service‒supported 17-bed residence in Edmonton for…

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From the Front Lines of COVID-19

Community ministries serve the most vulnerable people in our society and are working tirelessly as they seek to meet increased demands with fewer…

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GCE Temporarily Amends Pastoral Relations Policies

The Executive of the General Council has temporarily amended pastoral relations policies to allow the governing board, rather than a…

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Governance in Congregations during COVID-19

With current restrictions on gatherings of people, congregations may need to postpone meetings or hold them through electronic means. Advance…

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Supporting Moms and Babies in Unprecedented Times

The Massey Centre receives support from Mission & Service to help pregnant and parenting adolescents. COVID-19 heaps on new challenges.