Revised tips and resources for members and congregations during year two the COVID-19 pandemic

Please consult local, provincial, and federal public health agencies for the latest updates on COVID-19 that may affect your community of faith. Below are some resources to support you. Ministry personnel who are seeking support and resources during the pandemic can consult their regional council for assistance that fits with provincial health requirements and regulations. Remember: We are not alone.
COVID-19 vaccine vials
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The United Church continues to accept donations to support those in the global South who are at greater risk than ever due to COVID-19. Find out how Mission & Service partners are turning compassion into action for those who need it most. The World Council of Churches has collected prayers from around the globe for use during the pandemic.

  • Emergency Funding for Congregations
    • Make a Plan
    • Government Emergency Programs
    • United Church Emergency Support
  • Reopening Churches during COVID-19
  • Governance during the Pandemic
  • Worship Online during COVID-19
  • Stewardship, Finances, and COVID-19
General Council 44 Has Been Postponed

 In light of concerns around COVID-19, the decision has been made to postpone GC44, previously slated for July 2021 in Calgary, AB, to 2022.

Generosity Takes Flight during Pandemic

Staff of three regional councils decided to donate $2,500 each in staff travel savings to support the world’s most vulnerable through the COVID-19…

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Church Grounds Bring Hope during COVID-19

Through artistic installations, Mount Forest United Church in Mount Forest, ON, is actively sharing the Christian message.

“Seize the Moment” for a Universal Basic Income in Canada

Moderator Richard Bott has written to Canadian government officials to ask them to move forward with developing and implementing a universal basic…

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Committed Churches Support Newcomers through Pandemic

With support from a grant from Embracing the Spirit, a Mission & Service‒supported fund, Beaconsfield United Church’s Nigerian Refugee…

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Camps Inspire through Creativity and Care Despite Pandemic

While physical distancing protocols are forcing United Church outdoor ministries to consider closing their cabins this summer, some are preparing…

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Camps Find Ways to Build Community amid Physical Distancing

People who work or volunteer in outdoor ministries are sharing creative and positive ways to ensure that the overwhelming joy of camp will…

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Haiti’s Methodist Church Hosts Sewing Project to Save Lives

Haiti’s Methodist Church, a Mission & Service partner, supports schools, medical clinics, and a variety of social ministries. All of them are…

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Marking Florence Nightingale’s Bicentenary in Worship

Members have been asking how they can honour the ministry of healthcare workers, particularly during the COVID-19 pandemic. Consider using the…

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Reopening to the New Normal

   Reopening Churches during COVID-19 is a new online section that includes guidelines and practices to consider when reopening churches to…

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