Repayable grants can help remove barriers to innovation.

Why a repayable grant program?

Embracing the Spirit is a grant and micro loan program that was approved by GC42 in response to the Comprehensive Review Task Group (CRTG) to determine what was needed for the future of the church. It was understood in its inception that granting was important, but loans might also be part of the mix that is needed to continue to encourage innovation among communities of faith.

Since 2016, Embracing the Spirit has provided grants to get ideas off the ground and growing. Now some initiatives have been granted a few times and just need that final infusion of cash to become financially sustainable. Some communities of faith have continued to experiment with what is possible and are becoming resilient enough to be able to accept a loan.

A repayable grant program will help us live into a future that inspires innovation and removes barriers for our innovative leaders.

What are the terms of a repayable grant?

  • 0% interest at a maximum of $50,000 per project and a maximum payback period of 3 years
  • <$10,000 would be repayable in under 12 months in a lump-sum payment

What are the evaluation criteria to make this a repayable grant rather than a grant?

  • A community of faith that has received over two grants for a single initiative with a clear plan for revenue in the next two years
  • A community of faith that has received over four grants in total over the last five years
  • All communities of faith applying for repayable grants must have completed the Sustainability Cohort training.

Who isn’t this for?

  • An initiative that is a new idea by a new grant applicant is not a repayable grant
  • An initiative that could receive a Capital Assistance Loan is not eligible
  • An initiative that could receive a loan from a financial institution is not eligible

What do you need to apply for a repayable grant?

  • Grant application (template below)
  • Business plan (template below)
  • Revenue streams (a demonstration of the ability to generate revenue)
  • Financial projections (budget and projected revenues)
  • Interview with the Joint Grants Committee (15-minute presentations with Q&A)
  • Agreement to repay (template below)


To get started on this process, please connect with us at Embracing the Spirit.


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