We are looking for people who are passionate about innovation!

The Learning Network is a network of people and communities who wish to share ideas, learn from each other’s mistakes, and support innovation in faith communities across the country.  Innovation spurs more innovation.  Ideas that are supported broadly are much more likely to be successful as they are given feedback and have the ability to pivot based on what is changing. The Learning Network is here to support your faith community and you are invited to support the Learning Network as it grows.

Want to plug into what’s happening? If you want to hear the stories of what is happening across the country, link into the Round the Table blog.

Could you be a Local Connector? These are people who are looking for leaders, social innovators, great ideas, and stories of hope that are already happening.

Interested in being a Mentor? These are people who join as support for the initiatives that are getting off the ground. You could have a background in project management, communications, technology, business, finance, or anything else that an idea might need support in. You could be a retiree or a recent graduate, either way your gifts are needed. Visit the Social Mentor Network website today.

What is happening across the country with Embracing the Spirit? Have a look as some of the projects that are underway. This map is regularly updated with new information on projects. The legend shows the diversity of  ideas being explored, from spiritual practice and technology, to Truth and Reconciliation and community hubs. You'll find ideas that have been funded in urban, suburban and rural areas. Over the next year, we plan to add projects that have been funded outside of Embracing the Spirit. There is always something new emerging!

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