Programs and events that promote faith, mission, service—and fun—for children, youth, and young adults

Rendez-vous Youth Event

  • Get involved with Rendez-vous, the national gathering of United Church of Canada youth, young adults, and their leaders. Rendez-vous is held every three years in the year before a General Council.
  • Visit the Rendez-vous website to learn more about Rendez-vous 2020 in Calgary.
  • Learn more by watching the Rendez-vous in Review video about the last three events.

Outdoor Ministries (Camps)

The GO Project

Faith-filled generations that transform communities.

The GO Project

  • is a United Church of Canada ministry for children and youth focused on justice and mission education
  • creates welcoming programs for children, youth, and leaders that support spiritual development, community building, and opportunity to put faith and love into action
  • is children’s day camps
  • is youth mission programs
  • has resources, curriculum, training, weekend retreats, PA Day Camps, and much more!


Campus Ministries

Youth Forum

There is also a Youth Forum at each General Council.

For more information and networking opportunities, contact:

Amy Crawford
Team Lead Identity and Mission
416-231-7680 x4186
1-800-268-3781 x4186