The buzz around Pokémon GO is an opportunity to invite others to discover something ancient that is always new.

Pokémon Go Players Come in and get recharged both today and on Sunday.
Credit: Nora Sanders
Published On: July 22, 2016

Walking home from work at this week at noon hour, I have seen groups of people congregating behind the community pool between the office and our house. I guessed what they were up to even before I noticed them all staring down at their cellphones. The resident Pokémon Go expert in our house had already discovered the Pokémon gym in that location about a week ago.

I understand that Pokémon are also being sighted in the General Council Office, at Islington United Church, and at other United churches across the country. It’s kind of fun to be part of it. Kingsway-Lambton United Church, also in our neighbourhood, has responded by posting the following message on its sign, “Welcome All Pokemon Go Players. Come and Get Recharged Both Today and on Sunday.”

I admit to not really understanding the game, or its appeal, but I love seeing so many people having fun with it. There is definitely a buzz.

A couple of thousand years ago there was a buzz around the Sea of Galilee about a man who was so special, and who said such amazing things. So many people gathered in crowds to hear him that his friends worried about how to feed the multitudes. There was something about him that made people climb trees to get a look at him, and to reach out to touch the hem of his cloak as he walked by.

Maybe someone will accept the invitation on the sign at Kingsway-Lambton United and discover something ancient that is always new.


Nora Sanders is General Secretary of The United Church of Canada. Subscribe to her email message, "Note from Nora.

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