In this Advent Unwrapped microblog, Rev. Richard C. Choe reflects on living in hope.

A moody photograph of a foggy street at night, with street lights dimly showing through and the headlights of a car approaching in the darkness.
Credit: © Richard C. Choe
Published On: November 24, 2022

"What do you hope for in the new world?"

Let’s take a minute to engage with the image.

What do you notice?

Does it remind you of a story? Feelings?

Life, at times, is like walking through a dense fog. Nothing much to see. Feeling utterly lost. Not knowing which way to go.

Hope, for me, is knowing that I will find a way. I will find ways to experience the fog as a time of slowing down as Mary and Joseph did when they heard God’s call.


 — Rev. Richard C. Choe is currently ministering with College Street United Church in downtown Toronto as an Intentional Interim Minister. Experiencing beauty on his daily walks is part of his spiritual practice.

This microblog is part of the Advent Unwrapped collection of worship resources and spiritual practices.

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